November 3, 2013

Gadget Show Christmas

Time to get your super geek on!

After talking about it for many many years with my close friends, this year we finally decided to get some tickets to the Gadget Show Live.

Don’t think that this was a task taken lightly, the outcome of this event would lead to our decision on what next-gen system we would spend the next 8-10 years in the warm glow of.


Playstation 4

We started off with the PS4, testing out some Killzone. The game looked immense, graphics were sensational! However as we are currently all xbox fan boys, we would not gel with the PS4 controller and were really not big fans of the large sensor panel. But overall was an impressive system.



Xbox One

The Xbox One was after, however I must say Playstation had gone to a lot more trouble on there event having loads of consoles set up a great queuing system and one play per person being monitored to ensure everyone got a go. Microsoft however decided to have a small pimped up van with 2 consoles and that was it. No decent queuing system, so it was a bit of a scramble.

Anyway once we eventually got a go, GT was up for testing. It gave the same amazing graphics and fluid gameplay as the Playstation and the controller (sorry) did feel better in the hand. I am still undecided but it did lean towards Xbox, but due to these large prices it will be a long time before my wallet gets pried open to pay for these powerhouses.


The other stuff

We had our photo taken by a lady in a water tank with scuba gear on.. as you do!



Reenacted some Robot Wars, I got to be the green one and spent most of my time spinning around in a circle doing more damage to myself than my mates.


Also got a good look at the new 4K TVs, I thought that HD was as good as it could get. Turns out it does get better, but at the moment that comes at a cost! A cost that I am not willing to pay.


Battlefield LAN Party! – Gives you chills right?


For the finale of the day we queued up for half an hour to get our hands on BF4, only after being asked by the girl organising the que, if we were teenagers. Now being the ripe age of 24, we all took offence to that, especially as I had what can only be described as a half a adult man beard going on.
The game however was awesome, spent a lot of time dead / dying but seeing as I spend most of my time playing COD it made me realise how good the Battlefield franchise is.

Summary of the Day

Brilliant geeky day out, we managed to not buy any of the gadgets on offer (mainly because me and my friends are really tight) but loved how so much let you dive in and get your hands dirty with all the stuff going on. We did not have tickets to the stage show, which was a shame. Next time!

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