January 12, 2014

Netball Logos

A few years ago I was asked to design a logo for a local netball team, it was the first time I had done anything that would need to be printed onto a range of sports kits, bags and equipment.

Sketches & Ideas


Never the less I jumped at the chance, I don’t deal with a lot of print work and it would be amazing to have something I created diving about on a Netball court.

Logo Inspiration


I wanted to do a logo that was similar the NBA styling (above) or the Australian league of netball, compared to all the the local teams which, to be honest had logos that were most probably designed in word-art.

The Finished Product


Once it was signed off, it was sewn onto the team gear and the positive feedback made it all worthwhile.

Fast forward a few years…

My girlfriend had finished university and joined up with the Chelmsford Prison team, ICENI. No she was not locked up! (sometimes, that sounds like a tempting option) but my dad is the governor and got her in touch with the coach who needed players.

When the new dresses were being discussed, word had spread that I had designed Blacks teams logo and that seeing as I was the other half of a player, would be a resource not to be overlooked.

What on earth is ICENI?

They had a more challenging brief, wanting a warrior female as Iceni was a group of women who hailed from Essex many many years ago and would hunt down males. So they wanted a strong female character and bold typography.

The kit has landed!



It has now been printed on all the dresses in time for the new season. It looked great stitched on and they even managed to get the highlights and lowlights. It was strange to have my girlfriend walk in the door wearing something I designed.

Posing for custom clothing… not her first experience!


Well she had worn a airbrush tee shirt while I was studying and had ambitions to make millions in custom clothing! (bless her, the things you have to do when being with a designer)