April 26, 2014

Plants vs Zombies Posters

Think outside of that imaginary box

I have always been a massive fan when people think about something from the other side of the fence… not the green green grass, let me explain. I am referring to looking at something from an alternative perspective. Pixar’s best films in my opinion work so well by taking a subject or topic that we all know ( toys, monsters, fish etc ) and show the alternative perspective – it may not be what you were expecting but it all makes perfect sense.

Zombie background story
Like most, I do love a good Zombie – movie, games, series and Halloween costumes. Also like most humans with a pulse, and those without. I was highly addicted to the Plants vs Zombies franchise, spending many, many, many hours blasting away hungry corpses with deadly flower power.

But it got me thinking, what if the Zombies in that game are not the bad guys they are made out to be. They did not choose that life, what if the whole story was a cover up – Crazy Dave may have created a deadly disease on his search for mutating killer plants causing the zombie apocalypse that he is now convinced you to help destroy.

What if the zombies are merely tools in this whole story, simple seeking the brain of the man that put them into this horrific state. All that is standing in the way is a bunch of angry, destructive vegetation.

Maybe before they ascend the hill to confront their fate, they are given literature to help prepare and defend themselves. I was lucky enough to get hold of a top secret book from Muncher Corp – an organisation fighting towards freedom for all zombies and brains for all. It details the main deadly threats that they will eventually come face to face on the battlefield and the best plan of action.

So perhaps the mutant plants are the ones that should haunt your dreams…