PT+ Admin/Client App

Personal trainer application for IPad and IPhone, allowing personal trainers to communicate with clients and set weekly programs to complete. The project included: Brand development, IPad UX & Design, IPhone UX & Design.

Mood board

Furthering our understanding of the desired brand; target market, user type, application criteria and targeted project goals & achievements.

Market Research

Findings from current top rated applications for the genre, looking into UX, functionality & design for the client based application.

Logo Concepts for Brand

Creating rounds of variations for the logo, testing different shape theories, resulting in a branding that emphasised strength and confidence.



PT-Logo-1 Breaker-Image PT-Logo-2 Breaker-ImagePT-Logo-3 Breaker-Image

PT+ Ipad Admin App

Administration ipad app, created to enable the trainer to input the workout for each of there registered clients, being able to remotely keep track of progress and offer comments of guidance outside of booked training sessions.


PT-Admin Breaker-Image PT-Clients Breaker-Image PT-Table Breaker-Image

PT+ Iphone Client App

Client app that links to the trainers admin app, allowing the client to view his set weekly tasks from there trainer. It’s main function is to be opened in the gym, ticking off each workout after completion. Giving the user total control over there workout as well as indicating machinery specific details and recovery time countdowns.

PT-Phone-1 Breaker-Image PT-Phone-2